Sensory Learning

Ample Outdoor Space

Age Appropriate Playground

Pee Wee Preschool has seven state-of-the-art classrooms to ensure your child is safe, secure, and in a motivating environment to be prepared for kindergarten. We also have ample outdoor space, covered patio, and an age-appropriate playground.

How Kids Learn

We learn and grow while having fun. Playing, or activities, help your child to explore, create, and learn in a fun way.

Throughout the day you can expect your child to be learning through physical movement, such as dance, art, games, etc. This is not only fun, it develops a child’s motor skills and assimilation of new experiences to what they already know.

Your child will be introduced to learning as having fun in so many ways!

  • Physical movement: children learn by engaging in nature, meeting new people, and new materials, such as toys, games, or musical instruments.
  • Learning About Oneself: selecting activities your child enjoys the most, such as painting, drawing, art, building blocks, or dancing. 
  • Socialization and teamwork: soft-skills to develop interpersonal communication, good-manners, and learning to play with others. 
  • Processes and common sense: skill development and learning how things work, such as listening then speaking, pressing keys in an order, phonics and sounds, or counting in sequence.

Learning Colors

Fine Motor Skills


Playing Music

Pee Wee Preschool is committed to providing parents with state-of-the-art curriculum, where your child will learn phonics, the alphabet as a precursor to reading, math, science, and socialization to be prepared for kindergarten.


We learn and grow while having fun. Playing, or activities, help your child to explore, create, and learn in a fun way.

  • Age-appropriate playground and ample outdoor space
  • Well-rounded learning that is play-based
  • Pre-cursor to reading

Safe and Secure

  • Large classrooms providing a creative learning environment
  • Large outdoor areas
  • Toddler designed furniture
  • Potty-training support 
  • Every classroom is equipped with a restroom, refrigerator, and cubby space for personal belongings

Caring Teachers

  • Experienced, professional, and loving teachers
  • Daily teacher communication with parents

What Kids Learn in Early Childhood Education

Reading Readiness

Phonics. Rhyming. Readiness for books and that reading is fun. Repeating a pattern. Identifying letters - each week we choose a letter to learn about. Kids gain the ability to comprehend and retell stories and the ability to relate to past experiences.

Math Readiness

Kids learn concepts of big and small, few and many, more than and less than, basic numbers 1-100. Associate numbers to important information, such as telephone numbers and addresses. A variety of learning activities are provided to make learning fun, such as simple addition and subtraction, calendars, telling time, geometric shapes, and measuring.


Kids learn primary and secondary colors while having fun with cutting and gluing, painting, papier-mâché, using mobiles. Kids apply art to holiday projects, seasons of the year, and community events. Not only is art a lot of fun, but it also promotes hand and eye coordination.


Lessons consist of a variety of simple experiments and experiences. It involves investigating, listening, and exploring. It also means asking questions. The children will be introduced to pets, plants, planets, the change of seasons, the five senses, night and day, and much more. The opportunities are endless.


The children are introduced to songs and musical instruments. Concepts of rhythm (fast and slow), pitch (high and low), and volume (loud and soft) are experienced. Children are encouraged to sing and dance!