2 Year-old Class

At this age level it is important for children to experience becoming part of a group. Sharing, taking turns, making friends and language development are a part of the daily structure. Children are introduced to coloring, painting and gluing with less focus on the outcome and more on the process. These are important skills that strengthen the muscles they will later use to write. All aspects of your child’s development and growth are enriched through our developmentally appropriate curriculum. This class has a smaller adult/child ratio than our other preschool classes.

3 Year-old Class

At this age the children are beginning to develop special friendships. They will learn to interact with their peers rather than near their peers. Group activities are extended and academic introduction will begin to take place. Activities are modified according to each child’s own individual creativity and self-expression.

4 Year-old (Pre-K) Class

Kindergarten preparation is emphasized at this level. The teachers prepare lessons geared toward readiness skills and self-expression. The following areas are promoted: reading and math readiness, art, science, and practical life.